Inside the new world of women and weed

Stroll around an urban neighborhood in the U.S., and you’ll see people hitting vape pens and signs for CBD in shop windows everywhere. Yes, the cannabis industry is definitely flourishing. As more states legalize marijuana—it's currently legal in 10 states plus Washington, D.C., for recreational use, and in 33 for medical use—brands and marketers are hopping…

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What Are Cannabis Flavonoids And Why Are Researchers So Interested In Them?

Canadian scientists believe they have unlocked the potential of a natural painkiller 30 times more effective than aspirin. August 22, 2019 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Cannabis flavonoid, also called cannflavin, is the next area of study for marijuana researchers. That’s because understanding how cannaflavin works may unlock the…

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Researching Medical Marijuana May Soon Get A Lot Easier

Ian Philip Miller/Getty Images Ian Philip Miller/Getty Images Researchers hoping to study marijuana for scientific and medical purposes are one step closer to expanding their limited supply of the plant. This week, the federal government announced it would begin processing dozens of pending applications for permission to cultivate the plant for scientific research. The U.S.…

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